Thursday, July 18, 2013

Margaret River Discoveries - Margaret River Bakery + Swooning over Chickpea Walnut Burgers


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In the immortal words of Dinosaur Jack (aka my partner, Macca), once you start eating a burger you never put it down, you don't even drink anything, you just hold it in both you hands until you're finished eating it. Of course, he only divulged this wisdom AFTER my amazing chickpea walnut burger had exploded onto my lap, the floor and the table. He's right, though. I tried this method 2 days later when I returned to the Margaret River Bakery for a second bout of burger. I still got relish all over my face and probably looked like a pig smashing that pattie almost without pause - WORTH IT.

I realised while I was destroying this chickpea burger that the very reason that this burger was SO delicious was because of it's collapsability. It was full of amazingness. Grated beetroot, carrot, amazing relish. Fresh salad... it was a totally legit burger... and that pattie was sensational. Vegie burgers are kind of hard to get right, often people make the mistake of just replacing a meat pattie with a vegie one and hoping that it will still be delicious. They are usually wrong. The flavours in the Margaret River Bakery chickpea walnut burger are bang on. PLUS they are really well priced. $12 for a gourmet burger and chips? Whatever, that's just amazing.

The Margaret River Bakery has the best value vegie gourmet burger and chips out. Yeah, okay that's a pretty big claim, but I'll throw it out there: do you know of a better deal? And more delicious?

Aside from making amazing burgers (they also have a chicken burger and a normal hamburger for the same price) The Margaret River Bakery has also been quietly going about their business of providing cutesy-kitsch cafe style dining and yummo bakery fare. It's often filled with people, sitting at vintage mismatched tables and chairs.

Recently we've been drooling over their decadent salted caramel and cream filled donuts. Yeah, they have those.

The bakery is great for lunch or for a panini on the run (another fave of ours – try the Into the Wild panini... ohMYGOD), they also do breakfast (big brekkie is only $14[what?]) and good coffee. They're open Monday to Saturday (don't go on a Sunday, you'll be crying all the way home). They're almost always busy and crank those burgers out pretty darned fast, considering how packed they often are.
So that's it, readers, the best value lunch in Margaret River? The (Chickpea Walnut*) Burger and Chips from the Margaret River Bakery.

*I don't know about the others, I haven't tried them.

P.S How apt was the table number I got:


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