Thursday, May 2, 2013

Margaret River Discoveries: Clairault Estate Winery

Where is it?
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What's it good for:
Wine, casual lunches, coffee and gourmet food

The thing about Margaret River's wineries is that it's really easy to drop large amounts of cash in a matter of minutes on a lunch and wine. It's also not always that easy to find a place which is relaxed and casual enough for kids or just a casual lunch. Hayshed Hill is lovely, but for something even more casual food wise and which is also has beautiful wines I'd recommend Clairault Winery

You turn into Clairault Estate and are met with a drive through bush land, flowering banksias and past some grazing cows... by the time you reach the vineyard you feel distanced from the busy-ness of Caves Road. It's calm, serene, beautiful:

Clairault has had a bit of a reinvention in the past year. Once upon a time it was well known for high end menus... and that was great too, but that was then, this is now:

They do gourmet platters and paninis, it's a cafe, it's classy but casual. You can even make up your own platter with the gorgeous produce they have for sale on their fridge and in their little gourmet shop You can eat at a table, or as the sign above suggests sit on the lawn. They have great coffee and very good wine and the staff are casual and friendly.

They stock both Bahen and Gabriel Chocolate which is GREAT because both are amzing and as far as I know they're the only place I've seen down south that stocks both Margaret River artisan chocolate brands. EXCITING!

In relation to the whole wine tasting I always disclaim: I am no wine aficionado, I just like wine and I like the Clairault wine. It's not the cheapest drop out there, but it's well priced. They have two ranges Streicker and the Clairault brand, produced on different vineyards, both within the Margaret River Region and produced by different wine makers. 

My favourite wines were:
Streicker Syrah (Syrah is the French name for Shiraz)
Streicker Chardonnay
Clairault Cane Cut Reisling

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