Monday, January 14, 2013

Margaret River Discoveries - Blue Ginger

Blue Ginger

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Breakfast, lunch, coffee, gourmet deli products, unusual organic products

Nestled between car parts stores and camping shops on Margaret River's Station Rd, you'd hardly expect to discover a gourmet cafe with organic/free-range deli attached, but you should, because that's exactly what exists there.

Walking into Blue Ginger's deli for the first time was an epiphany for me. I'd never been to a store before that had so much organic, gourmet, ethical produce in one place. It is a dream. Even though it's only a few aisles big a foodie can get lost in there for days. Time just disappears in that store. They've got stuff from all over the place, including a very decent collection of Asian sauces/necessities, which can be very hard to find in Margaret River. Aside from their amazing international products, Blue Ginger stocks a startling range of local produce too.

Recent and totally mind blowing discoveries:
The Core's Organic Apple juice (from the Perth Hills)
Margaret River Chicken Chorizo (also available from the MR farmer's markets)
Caperberries (how have I not known about these salty pieces of deliciousness for this long?)

As far as the cafe goes, it's casual and friendly and usually full of locals, the coffee is decent and the food is good, made with free-range meats and prepared well. They make ACTUALLY good savoury muffins, which in my cafe experience is a rarity. They're regularly packed out for breakfasts on a weekend morning and it's totally understandable, anyone who serves Elmar's sausages as part of their big breakfast probably knows what they're doing. 

Hope you're having a lovely January, over and out
-KC xx

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