Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chilling in alley ways and getting street cred (a review of Cabin Fever)

So: apparently there’s this back alley-café-gem that all the cool-Perth-kids are talking about. It’s called Cabin Fever.

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You might not have heard of this place, and that’s probably no indictment on your cool-status. It’s probably because it’s in Bonne Marche arcade in the city (Perth city), not a place renowned for amazing coffee or cool prowess.

It’s worth a look-see though, this little Cabin Fever place. It’s got a strange, quirky charm. The décor reminds me of something your grandmother might put together if she had drunk a little too much sherry and was living in the 70s. Which she probably was. The living in the 70s part, not necessarily the sherry part, though I'm not ruling that out. There’s a lot of old retro furniture and a fair amount of paintings of a menagerie worth of animals sporting unicorn horns. There are some very cutesy tea-cup collections, spoon displays and old-school board games. In other words it’s like an ageing old-school lounge room.

We had some fairly lovely nosh there, actually, one of the nicest savoury muffins I’ve had in a while and a really delicious fudge brownie.
said delicious muffin

a very tasty cherry choc tart- how cute!

choc fudge brownie

The staff were lovely, friendly, a little quirky, a bit like the décor. I have to say though… the award behind the counter for “Perth’s best coffee” felt a little misleading. The coffee was alright, but I have definitely had better in Perth. My soy flat white was strangely sweet. I did like how the coffee was served though, in old school mugs like your parents used in the 80s or 70s (unless you were a live then, in which case: you probably used them too!)

Cabin Fever. I liked it. It’s cutesy and had back-alley-cred. The cakes/muffins we had were really nice; I don’t think the coffee is anything to write home about, though. Have you been there, co-crusaders? What did you think?

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  1. This is one of my favourite places in the whole world.
    And that is the best goddamn brownie I have ever had. I've offered them vital organs for that recipe.