Wednesday, April 11, 2012

back alley Perth (some hidden gems that you'll only know about from word-of-mouth)

When you discover a place that is delicious and in some back street or alley you tell your friends, right? Well, I recently bought a little book called Secret Perth, which holds some great ideas for place we might not know about, you should probably buy one.

Anyway, it got me thinking, what little back alley places do I know of that I learned about by fortuitous discovery/word of mouth? And what little gems have I yet to discover?

So here we go, some of my favourite little hidden/ back alley gems of Perth. Feel free to contribute your own little discoveries...

Pony Express O (West Perth)

Pony Express O on UrbanspoonLiterally a cute little back alley discovery, this little coffee shop, with its astro-turf floor and its actually good, yet surprisingly inexpensive coffee is a true little gem. They don't really have food ( a few biscuits), but you can take your own there and eat it while you have your coffee. There's a lot of community and friendliness about this place, you can just throw your money down a chute, there's no "till". Pony Express-O either has to be stumbled upon or known about, it's been in that little back alley for the past 2 years and appears to be doing just fine on the word of mouth - thank you very much.

Wok King (Innaloo)
Shop 3, 379 Scarborough Beach Rd
On the OTHER side of Scarborough Beach Rd from the shopping centre and down a little alley is this little take-away noodle bar. It's cheap (pretty much everything is under 12 dollars) and it's really good value, seriously Dinosaur Jack and I should've SHARED a noodle box. We struggled vainly through our individual serves and I had to take the rest home. I snacked on that baby for days. Their Kwai Teo is my favourite- THOSE NOODLES! They make your order up fresh right in front of you. it's not fancy, it's pretty dingy looking, but goodness it's a little ripper. Next time you want a take away and you're in the vicinity, drop in there, it's probably way healthier, fresher and tastier than the other options available to you.

The Bodhi Tree (Mt Hawthorn)
The Bodhi Tree Cafe on Urbanspoon

From the outside this place looks really "meh", it's a kind of commerically looking building that doesn't look like it could house anything special. However inside, when you're kicking back in one of their couches, looking out across to the park over the road, surrounded by books, it's clear that you can't judge a book by its cover. Not even slightly. And the coffee is good. Really good, which is nice to know because there aren't many places up that neck of the woods that do a really decent coffee. Look, I'm sorry, I don't have pictures, but I promise I'll put some up soon.

What's you favourite "little known" back alley place in Perth/where you live?

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