Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the cafe crusades: oh, brother!

So there's a bit of a new cafe kid on the block in Menora/North Perth/Mount Lawley. It's called Brother and you can find it right here:

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I drove past it the other day and I was like: OMG there's a cafe there! I must crusade forth towards it! And then I did. Just the other day, in fact. With my lovely co-crusading crew, which is partially made up of babies.

Babies: I hang with them
From the outside Brother looks pretty run-of-the-mill. I didn't take a picture, but maybe I should've. It's just kind of: plain. That's why I didn't take a picture, you see. The thing with Brother's decor is that it feels kind of par-done, like they started decorating with one wall and the counter and kind of haven't got around to doing the other half of the cafe yet. Which is kind of awkward, because the side that does look done is pretty darned cool, it has funky old style leather couch and a feature wall... for example:
Pretty cool, eh?

And the side that doesn't look done , which is quite plain and has very "bland cafe" style furniture looks a bit like this:

It's kind of confusing. However, maybe it is halfway through being done... and if that's the case, it's going to look pretty cool... so let's move onto the important stuff, what's the coffee and cake like?

Brother serves Toby's Estate coffee, which I don't mind as a coffee brand, but it's not my favourite. Whenever I've had it it's been fairly consistently decent, but not great. It's was a similar case at Brother. Decent coffee, not amazing. Here's a picture I took of my coffee to try and be artistic:

Cakewise: not bad at all. There's not a huge selection, but the there were probably about 8 cakey/sweet options. This date, chocolate and almond slice was really lovely, nice texture, good level of sweetness etc...

....and apparently this lime tart is popular with patrons. It's totally understandable because
1) it was really smooth and had just the right balance of sweetness and limeyness
2)look how freaking massive that slice of tart is.

freaking massive slice of sweet limeyness
Here's a pretty wanky picture I took of the top of my friend's iced coffee:

Here's a picture of the demise of the date, chocolate, almond slice:

Brother: it was pleasant, their coffee was decent, their cakes were nice. They're also open on MONDAYS which is a bit of a cafe rarity, I'm finding. The decor situation is a bit WEIRD and probably needs some sorting out. Actually it definitely needs some sorting out. All in all though, it's in an area that's in sore need of a cafe, there's not really anything coffee related within strolling distance... I probably won't be rushing back, but if I'm in the area and need a coffee I might drop in. Or maybe just hold off for five minutes' drive until I'm at Distracted. 

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