Monday, November 7, 2011

Tiger Tiger (or: the good décor, the bad barista and the ugly crusaders)

Just a quick post, because time is not my friend currently. I think I said something to offend her, but she's pretending she doesn't know what I'm talking about...

I really liked Tiger Tiger, (really liked it because it made me feel like I had street cred just sitting in the café. It certainly attracts its fair share of coffee-fanatic-hipster-types. The mismatched plates, the small selection of cakes, but done well, the mix n match décor… it was like some kind of hipster caffeine-funk-dream. )

The cakes were tasty. The caramelly nut slice was delicious. The brownie was good, but not amazing (it was nice to have it heated, though, and serving it with marscarpone was a pretty inspired and generally sexy idea.) 

The coffee was good but my goodness, it appears that hipper-cool cafes come with hipster-I’m-too –hipster-cool-for –you attitude. I felt like was such an imposition on the barista’s life.
Look, as you might know, I portray myself as a “food lover, not a food fighter.” Thus, it’s important that I say: food wise-tiger tiger was pretty good.

Coffee: tick! However... I’ve had good coffee elsewhere and I wasn’t made to feel like crap while ordering it. Service is not hard to get right. And while I understand how passionate one can be about coffee (hey, I’ve been a barista too, once upon a time), but pulling a face and saying, “If I have to,” when asked by a person if they can have an iced coffee… and P.S I kind of like the person who asked for this, his name’s Oli and he’s a friend of mine… well… that’s just completely not okay, no matter how caffeine-idealistic you are.

 So: Dear Tiger, Tiger, you certainly are cool, you are probably what all the cool kids are doing. But if being cool means that level of service distain - I’m not interested in hanging out with you, but then, you’re probably not that interested hanging with me, either-I’m a bit too much of a nerd and my shoes don’t always match my bag.
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