Thursday, October 27, 2011

Totally writing a review right here: Dolcetta

Dolcetta: I hadn't even realised you were there, like some kind of teenage ugly-duckling-slash-wallflower, you hid your little self in North Perth, next to your far more moxie and well-known peer, Stone's Pizza. And then,  one day, my friend Jayne noticed you and she said: “hey, Dolcetta, what's the hap? Why don't you come and hang out with us for a while?”

And all of this is further evidence towards my friend Jayne being a pretty good judge of character. Because you're alright, Dolcetta, you are totally alright. We should hang out more often.

Breaking news:
Have you noticed I'm actually DOING a cafe review here? I know: WHAT THE HELL? That like totally NEVER happens anymore. This is largely due to the fact that I had 5 spare minutes at midnight last Tuesday and so SPEED TYPED this opinionated set of ranting and raving. Okay: 15 minutes, this afternoon, but whatever, feel sorry for me anyway. I have no life/time/self-respect. Whose fault is that, you may ask? Well it's definitely not mine, and couldn't possibly have anything to do with my penchant for over-committing to a zillion different things and complete inability to say no. It must be your fault. Thanks man, thanks for ruining my life.

And....back to our regular news coverage:
Things I liked about Dolcetta:

Cake: it was ridiculously reasonably priced. We  got 2 coffees and five different cake/pastry type products and it was under $25.
And you'd expect for that price that the cakes and pastry would be rubbish. They weren't. With one exception they were delicious. DELICIOUS. Look: I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about cannoli and what it should taste like, because I don't, I have a vague idea, I'm not entirely sure wabout what constitutes a coffee eclair technically, either, though I do know the difference between a good crème patissiere filling and an average to terrible one. BUT: I thought these were pretty darned decent, better than decent, actually.

Service: they were super nice and friendly, but not too clingy and up in our grills, or way too smiley and fake. The lady serving us didn't even bat much of an eye-lid when Nathalie and I ordered five cake-type products before anyone else arrived, looking like the hugest cake-gluttons of all time. Which was nice of her, because I totally would have judged us.

Coffee brand: they use fiori coffee, and as you may by now know: I'm a sucker for Fiori coffee.

Space: the tables weren't all crammed up together so you felt like you were having cake with the people two tables across and there was definitely pram room... which is always a plus with our crew, given that everyone keeps having babies all the freaking time.

A small child fell asleep on the couch across from us, still in his school uniform. Poor little tucker. It was so super cute.

Things I didn't like:

My coffee: but this probably isn't the fault of the cafe people. I drink soy coffees, and when you make a soy coffee with skim soy milk it tastes super watery. They either made their coffee with skim soy, or they added water. Either way: it was quite weak. However, none of the normal and everyday coffee drinkers at the table seemed to have a problem with their coffee, and seeing as how most people who make coffee never taste a soy coffee, it's pretty hard to be too uppity about their failings to produce a good one.

The apricot frangipane tart: the frangipane was too dry and heavy. But, c'est la vie, the rest of the cakes, as previously stated were lovely. In other and quite related news: I'm going to post a recipe for frangipane tarts super soon, because I recently discovered  that they're totally easy and ridiculously tasty and that you can make them in a flash.

Anyway: give Dolcetta a burl, it wasn't very busy, and the décor wasn't offensive and the canoli was tasty. The end.
(Until next time).

(And who knows when that will be, due to my over-commitment retardedness.)

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