Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the cafe crusades: random fortuitous discoveries (Market)

I discovered Market by accident a few Thursdays ago. A series of fortuitous (fortuitous, because they resulted in me discovering Market - which I quite liked, P.S) events resulted in me having to park right out the front of Market and having the time and inclination to seek me a coffee within.

Fortuitous series of events:

1. My friend Kate called me, while I was driving, and being one of those responsible drivers, I pulled over into a side street and called her back, to avoid talking on my phone while driving, because I’m kind of worried that I might be the worst multi-tasker ever when it comes to driving and doing ANYTHING else, and I’m kind of afraid of killing someone while attempting to do so and also: I can’t afford the fine that would ensure, were I to be noticed by police people attempting such multitasking.

2. I was slightly early for the appointment I was heading to, and needed a coffee to perk me-the-hell-up, because I was presenting and therefore needed to be perky and engaging.

3. I had kind of been planning to drop into Café Choux because I haven’t reviewed them yet, and they make nice macaroons… but

17. I was fairly sure that Café Choux closed at 4pm and it was already 4:15pm and

69. Market was open until 5pm.

Now, the first thing that caught my-little-eye, when I first pulled up in front of Market, was that they specialized in WA produce. How super exciting and novel (I thought to myself), the second thing I noticed was that I quite liked the look of the décor. The third thing I noticed was that I was already inside and ordering a coffee and trying some sample cake and buying a slice of that too, because it was ludicrously delicious.

I also took half of the cake home to my housemate and he AGREED WITH MY SUMMATION (that it was ludicrously delicious). The cake we had was like an apple walnut loaf with a lemon icing, really simple, but very well done.

Favourite bits of market (with pictorial evidence to back myself-the-hell-up):

1) These glass balls filled with spice hanging from the ceiling in one part of the store in some kind of culinary/artistic nerd love-spawn.

2) How light and white the place was (in a completely non-clinical way)
3) The fact that it sells ONLY WA produce (from what I could tell)
4) Mismatching vintage-y plates (YEAH)

5) You can sit and gaze out of the massive windows and WATCH PEOPLE DOING STUFF.

6) The CAKE

I’ve no idea what the other stuff was like there, they seem to do lunch too, but nothing too fancy, simple stuff. The coffee was decent, not as great as some other places, but not bad either. It's mainly a gourmet deli I guess, but it's a nice one and shouldn't we all be doing our little bit in supporting how awesome WA food is? (The answer is yes.) I’m planning on heading back and will report back to you accordingly. Because I know you’re dying to know more. I would be too.

P.S, in case you wre like: where EVEN IS this place? is it in some secret place that I can't know about, like The Order of the Phoenix HQ? Is it in a room of requirement? Am I actually Harry Potter and didn't realise?

1) No.

2) No.

3) Harry Potter doesn't exist, neither do wizards. And you aren't him. P.S this cracks me up every time.

Also: It's on Asquith St in Mt. Claremont.
(Here are the actual and urban spoon details)

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