Monday, June 20, 2011

The Cafe Crusades: I heart distracted

The Kitchen Crusader: getting Distracted since June 2011.

Okay so before I start, you might be thinking : Um, excuse me, she’s only just started going there…?

Because I’m pretty sure that there are some very obvious reasons why she should’ve been going there for half an age, or at least since she started living about 200m from that little chestnut of a café-slash-multiple-other things… What the?

P.S You also might not be thinking this, because you might not know where I live, or where Distracted is in relation to that, or the fact that Distracted even exists, or that my house even exists, or that I even exist (oooh how very philosophical of you, philosophy guy), or you might not care about any of this and have simply accepted that I hadn’t gone to Distracted before, and that it was no big deal, and kind of wished that I’d just got on with this review, rather than casting erroneous aspersions about your responses to my initial (and half a page ago) statement regarding my now attachment to this little café. If so… apologies.

Okay, so if you were one of the questioning types before you get started and get all on my back, and up in my grills…

Yes: I live right near Distracted and have only just availing myself of its café services.

Yes: this makes me lame and judgmental, because…

Yes: I had previously assumed that there was no way that a place that gives haircuts and has cute home wares/perfume/jewelry/badges that make me want to dance could possibly be multi-talented enough to have GOOD food and GOOD coffee.

Yes: I didn’t realize that this: Distracted on Urbanspoon was the situation.

Yes: they do have good coffee. (Fiori coffee)

Yes: they do have good cake

Yes: I bought some badges and magnets when I was there:

Yes: I went back there two days later to have coffee with SOMEONE else, because I liked it so much

Yes: Yes, I was wrong.

I will now apologise to distracted in the form of an homage...

Distracted: an homage.

Distracted: You are pretty and have lots of things in you that I want to buy

Distracted: I am so very glad that you chose to exist right by my house.

Distracted, you are probably my favourite cake and coffee spot so far.

Distracted: this is because of multiple reasons, and is a little debatable, but…

I think you might be the winner for a few reasons…

1) As previously mentioned: you are right near my house

2) You are never over-crowded, and consequently your tables aren’t too-close-together-for-comfort

3) Because you don’t really do much else apart from beverages and cake (with just a small number of simple menu items) it means that the stuff you do produce is really good. Your cake range isn’t as extensive as Sherbet, and you don’t have their red velvet cake (oh lord) but I think that points 2, 4 and 7 might edge this out

4) Mint hot chocolate:

(GET THAT ALL UP AND IN YOU, no seriously, do it, it's criminally delicious.)

5) Cherry Choc tart:


6) Nice and funkily dressed staff who aren’t overbearing

7) Badges:

8) Cute window displays:

9) The fact that you get to sit amongst this kind of décor…

Oh! So my style!

Oh, goodness my fellow café crusade-fans! I think I might have a little-to-large crush on Distracted. It happened all-of-a-sudden and quite unexpectedly. I’m not quite sure how to deal with it, but am considering sending secret admirer notes and flowers, or revealing my unrequited love all up on postsecret. That seems a pretty in-vogue thing to do. Or maybe I should just “accidentally” bump into Distracted all the time, at social events and try to catch its eye, by wearing cute, summery blouses and mary-janes and knee high-socks. Or maybe I should buy a dress with a plunging neck-line and offer to buy Distracted a drink. Or maybe I could just make it my regular café, so I can spend as much time as possible with it, basking in its glory, and secretly loving it, accepting that it is unlikely to ever be mine. Or maybe I could write a blog entry, about it, and semi-accidentally destroy the secrecy of my crush…. but possibly not, after all, that does sound a little implausible.

Okay so now a series of pictures evidencing my reasoning for this crush and passion…

I just think this chest of drawers is unspeakably awesome...look at me, I'm just so embarrassingly gushy...

Oh so lovely apple cinnamon cake (kind of caramelly on top, moist in the middle...) with a lemon butterfly cake in the background... which was properly delicious, the lemon curd was proper lemon curd, not that crappy stuff from a jar... look it was all tasty and pleasant, and not too fancy... red velvet cake at Sherbet is still a stand out, but this stuff was all really good and the ambiance was amazing.)

I'd say go there, but I'm worried you might ruin how lovely and not-packed-it-is. So it's rubbish, you'll hate it and don't waste your time.

Peace out.

P.S: I know, serious lack of recipe writing of late. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I did make pastry on the weekend and it was super simple, so I'll put that recipe up super soon, with some pie filling ideas. Who would have thought pastry was so straight forward... shortcrust that is... not puff or filo... oh dear me those recipes look complicated. Ooooh.

P.P.S Peace out, for real this time.

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