Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Cafe Crusades: getting Toasty in the winter sun (Toast)

May we always find time to catch up with the people we like the most in the world, more than those we have to see for functional reasons. May we see those people in spaces that remind us of how we feel about each other... couches at each others' homes while we watch movies, cafes with good coffee and cake, my kitchen or yours, to make something together...
May we remember to eat well and often and to talk and laugh and laugh and laugh.

I know, co-crusader, I'm getting all schmaltzy again. Maybe I'm feeling a little schmaltzy because I've just been reminded of how important that stuff is.... and it's so easy to forget to do it. Who honestly has time to chill out with friends and relax when there are billtobepaid and jobstobedone and housestobecleaned and panicattackstobehad?
I think I've made my point. So what was the stimulus for this little rant-o-culinary-slash-company-idealism?
Good question, and also: impressive, if overly-enthusiastic, use of hyphens, you/me-imagining-I'm you.

Yesterday I went to Toast (east Perth) with some of my favourite xx chromosomally endowed people, ever.`And sat in the winter sun, talking jive and jargon and jilted love and juvenile ramblings and juxtaposition (but only a little bit). And we ate great food (more on THAT later), and drank suitably decent coffee, out of cute glasses, placed on mismatching saucers (and we all know how I feel about THAT sort of thing... and if we don't: I love the playfully kitsch punch that sort of thing delivers... I am a complete and utter sucker for it.)and we looked out over this view...

And we sat next to tubs of growing vegetables...

(which made me a little overly-excited and weak at the knees- thank goodness I was sitting down... especially on discovering this little piece of vegetable growing right next to my chair...... how cool is THAT?)

Wow, getting to that final answer was a pretty long winded process... when I look back on the word (and picture) expenditure it took now... golly, you must be exhausted, having got through that, person-reading-this-blog... would you like some refreshing delicious and freshly squeezed juice to refresh you?I know, that was a bit nasty because you can't actually consume a picture on a web page... unless you count devouring it WITH YOUR EYES. Which you obviously just did. And I can assure you, as someone who tasted and devoured some of both of these above pictured juices, in real and actual life and not just with my eyes on a web page, that they were delicious. DELICIOUS. Of particular note was the beach bear juice... oh my goodness. OH MY. So why don't you stop fanticising about drinking juices pictured on a web page (which to be honest IS a bit weird) and try them for yourself? Because that is going to be my recommendation at the end of this rambling, long blog entry (spoiler alert!) you should go to Toast, and this juice was ONE of the many reasons, some of the others have been evidenced pictorially above.

Okay, enough about the general loveliness... I'm pretty sure you read this blog because of the FOOD RELATED STUFF. The food was great... poached eggs were done well (which is always a good sign) . The flavour combinations were a little inventive, but well thought-out.... which, in my humble opinion is the best of both worlds...
Featured below: my polenta toast (which I now have to work out how to make myself... I have already failed once in the last 24 hours... oh-devastation), with mushrooms - properly cooked, not semi-cooked in a too-hot-pan, with (suspected) pecorino... it was really good. It was the best thing out of all the stuff we tasted... and well, everything else was really good too...

P.S : in the background on this picture are some delicious corn fritters with a poached egg and some avo... very tasty.

Below: potato and mint pancakes with salmon and poached eggs...
In short: I just really enjoyed the whole experience. The coffee wasn't as good as other places such as: Mrs. S, or Sherbet, or Epic, but it was good enough, considering how good the food, atmosphere and company was. I'm raving, it's embarrassing, and we all know it. Sayers has always been my top breakfast pick in Perth... and it remains top dog, but Toast is now second... decidedly. Look out top 5 list... you are very much developing...
P.S Get to Toast before 10 on a weekend, at 9:30 we had not a trouble getting a table, by 10 people were having to wait...

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  2. Good use of humorous voice, however you went slightly overboard with the ellipses (particularly in the final paragraph). The attached photographs effectively complement your conversational tone, but try to pay more attention to light sources if you really want to do justice to this venue (notable offenders include the first and third images).

    Solid work, but you still have room for improvement. Would read again.

    -Betty Moretti xoxoxo

    P.S. See you at school!