Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Foodie diary entry: The Stanley and Mrs. Brown's (oh rapture)

According to this little kitchen crusader: the Cool, calm, collected factor is high at...

The Stanley: small wine bar on Cambridge Street, Wembley.
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Mrs. Brown: smallish wine bar Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle.
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Seriously, have you been there? If your answer is no, and you don't have a serious reason stopping you, like living more than 2000 kms away, or being allergic to cool, then you should remedy this pretty quick-smart.

Due to the over-abundance of my coolness I have been to both of these places. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for a good glass of wine and a bit of eclectic mixnmatch vintage decor and furniture... or maybe both, but probably not.

I have always really liked the atmosphere in The Stanley; it's pretty laid-back in the afternoons and becomes pretty busy on weekend nights. It's not your shrieky, ditzy mini-skirt type crowd either, it's pretty diverse in terms of clientele, older and younger people etc. But, until recently, I had not encoutered the awesome that is Mrs. Brown. And then I did. And now I'm writing about it, crazy times, people.

Don't go to either place for food: they don't have meals. They've got some snacky platters for sharing while drinking, but nothing substantial. You could of course always pop next door (in the case of both little wine bars o awesomeness) and grab a burger from flipside. They don't seem to mind if you eat your burger in the wine bar, either. Which is kind of cool and proves a general lack of lameness.

Side-note: I have a slight preference for Mrs Brown, due to something I can't quite explain, but both are super cool.

Other side-note: It may be important (or may not be important) to note that: the only thing that annoys me about The Stanley is that they give you both read AND white wine in stemless glasses... which in summer (and with white wine) is a bit of the old bummer, because obviously your hand warms the glass, diretcly next to the wine... which is kind of why stemmed glasses were invented in the first place, isn't it? Anyway, part from this MINOR issue, which can be relatively easily solved by putting your wine down on the coffe table next to your chez lounge seating, rather than holding it all the darn time, both places are chilled, cool and funky.

Here are some lovely memory lane pictures I took of experiences at these places to demonstrate general coolness and the fact that I am a little in love with funky little wine bars...

A scrabble game with friends at Mrs. Brown's on a frioday afternoon in late January...

A drop-by drink fairly late-ish on a humid, humid Friday evening at the Stanley with my actual and real boyfriend: In conclusion: trust my judgement and take a walk on the funky-wine-related-side for a while.

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